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PostSubject: NEW FIXTURES 2016-17   NEW FIXTURES 2016-17 Icon_minitimeMon 22 Aug 2016, 11:27 pm

Hi All

Mainly for information purposes - please find enclosed fixtures for opening 3 weeks of the season. These are just to communicate to clubs as quickly as practically possible so they can organise dates, pitches, player availability etc. The app has been - and is being - literally updated tonight and at the meeting tomorrow the final details should all be available. Referees will also follow, and we thank James, Pete and Stewart for their exceptional hard work against a number of obstacles. Please let us know if there are any urgent issues, but free dates and pitch shares have already been taken into account

Sunday 4th September 2016

Alliance Premiership
AC Wigston  v  AFC Sporting Charnwood
Mowmacre & Hoskins  v  Oadby Athletic 2012
Oadby Owls Mens  v  Sparta Moshdock
Sileby Athletic  v  Finchys

Division 1
Boyd Builders  v  Sporting Mowmacre
CFA  v  Huncote Sunday
GT  v  Countesthorpe Athletic OB
Leicester Bharat Talbot  v  St Marks Old Boys
Thurmaston Club  v  Gaunt

Division 2
Athletic Blaby  v  Webbys Wanderers
Blaby & Whetstone OB  v  FC Willow
CSKA Carnabys  v  Aberdale Galacticos
Lakeside United  v  Niffy Rangers
Swinford Chequers  v  Pukka Pies

Division 3
Bulls Head Whetstone  v  Desford Athletic Page Plumbing
FC Cherry Tree  v  Sporting Birstall
Desford Cobras  v  LDA Spartans
Suecastle  v  Friar Lane

Division 4
Blaby United Sunday 2012  v  AFC Royal Oak
Dunton & Broughton Dynamo  v  Gaunt Reserves
Leicestershire Constabulary  v  White Eagles
Royalist  v  Merry Monarch
West Leicester Panthers  v  Crown Hills
Wigston Plough Rovers  v  Wigston Fields 2012

Division 5
Braunstone Trinity  v  The Cricketers
Fairfield Athletic  v  CFA 04
Glenfield United  v  Queniborough Park Rangers
Inter Mivan GNG  v  Knighton Park Dynamo
North Kilworth Sunday  v  Trinderbox
River Swift  v  FC Tumar

Division 6
Birstall Social Talls  v  New Forest Rovers
United East Midlands  v  Dukla
FC Blaby Foxes  v  Hi Chrome United
Horse & Trumpet  v  FC Shortlands
Lutterworth Club  v  Medz
Mossdale Rangers  v  Thurmaston Cons Club

Division 7
AFC Bardo 1992  v  The Alliance
Newdawn Athletic  v  Little Bowden
Cosisngton Royal Oak  v  Leicester Bharat Talbot Reserves
FC Wygston  v  Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves
Markfield Rangers OB  v  Blackbird Rovers
Niffy Rangers Reserves  v  CSKA Carnabys Reserves

Sunday 11th September 2016


Division 1
Countesthorpe Athletic 2012  v  Thurmaston Club
GT  v  Boyd Builders
Huncote Sunday  v  Gaunt  
Sporting Mowmacre  v  Leiceter Bharat Talbot

Division 2
FC Willow  v  Swinford Chequers
Lakeside United  v  Athletic Blaby
Niffy Rangers  v  CSKA Carnabys  
Pukka Pies  v  Blaby & Whetstone OB
Webbys Wanderers  v  Aberdale Galacticos

Division 3
Desford Cobras  v  Bulls Head Whetstone
FC Cherry Tree v  Suecastle
Friar Lane  v  LDA Spartans
Groby Town  v  United Revolution
Sporting Birstall  v  Desford Athletic Page Plumbing

Division 4
AFC Royal Oak  v  Leicestershire Constabulary
Crown Hills  v  Blaby United Sunday 2012
Gaunt Reserves  v  Royalist
West Leicester Panthers  v  Merry Monarch
Wigston Plough Rovers  v  White Eagles
Wigston Fields 2012  v  Dunton & Broughton Dynamo

Division 5
Braunstone Trinity  v  Inter Mivan GNG
River Swift  v  Fairfield Athletic
FC Tumar  v  Queniborough Park Rangers
Glenfield United  v  North Kilworth Sunday
Knighton Park Dynamo  v  FC Catalonia
Trinderbox  v  The Cricketers

Division 6  
FC Shortlands  v  Birstall Social Talls
Hi Chrome United  v  Dukla
Medz  v  Seedsbury United
New Forest Rovers  v  FC Blaby Foxes
Thurmaston Cons Club  v  Horse & Trumpet
United East Midlands  v  Mossdale Rangers

Division 7
CSKA Carnabys Reserves  v  Markfield Rangers Old Boys
FC Wygston  v  AFC Bardo 1992
Leicester Bharat Talbot Reserves  v  Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves
Little Bowden  v  Cossington Royal Oak
Newdawn Athletic  v  Blackbird Rovers
The Alliance  v  Niffy Rangers Reserves

Sunday 18th September 2016

Alliance Premiership
AC Wigston  v  Oadby Athletic 2012
Mowmacre & Hoskins  v  Sparta Moshdock
Oadby Owls Mens  v  Finchys
Sileby Athletic  v  AFC Sporting Charnwood

Division 1
CFA  v  Sporting Mowmacre
Gaunt  v  GT
Leicester Bharat Talbot  v  Countesthorpe Athletic 2012
St Marks Old Boys  v  Boyd Builders
Thurmaston Club  v  Huncote Sunday

Division 2
Aberdale Galacticos  v  Lakeside United
Athletic Blaby  v  Pukka Pies
Blaby & Whetstone OB  v  Webbys Wanderers
CSKA Carnabys  v  FC Willow
Niffy Rangers  v  Swinford Chequers

Division 3
Desford Athletic Page Plumbing  v  Friar Lane
FC Cherry Tree  v  Groby Town
LDA Spartans  v  Bulls Head Whetstone
Suecastle  v  Sporting Birstall
United Revolution  v  Desford Cobras

Division 4
AFC Royal Oak  v  White Eagles
Blaby United Sunday 2012  v  Merry Monarch
Dunton & Broughton Dynamo  v  Wigston Plough Rovers
Leicestershire Constabulary  v  Crown Hills
Royalist  v  Wigston Fields 2012
West Leicester Panthers  v  Gaunt Reserves

Division 5
Fairfield Athletic  v  FC Tumar
Glenfield United  v  Knighton Park Dynamo
Inter Mivan GNG  v  Trinderbox
North Kilworth Sunday  v  FC Catalonia
River Swift  v  Braunstone Trinity
The Cricketers  v  Queniborough Park Rangers

Division 6
Birstall Social Talls v  Thurmaston Cons Club
Dukla  v  New Forest Rovers
FC Blaby Foxes  v  FC Shortlands
Mossdale Rangers  v  Lutterworth Club
Seedsbury United  v  Hi Chrome United
United East Midlands  v  Medz

Division 7
AFC Bardo 1992  v  Leicester Bharat Talbot Reserves
Blackbird Rovers  v  CSKA Carnabys Reserves
Cosisngton Royal Oak  v  Newdawn Athletic
FC Wygston  v  The Alliance
Knighton Park Dynamo Reserves  v  Little Bowden
Markfield Rangers OB  v  Niffy Rangers Reserves
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