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 FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions

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Do you agree with the new policy on match based suspensions?
 33% [ 2 ]
 67% [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 6

Aussie Owl
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Super Premier Poster

PostSubject: FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions   Sun 04 Mar 2012, 4:20 pm

At the start of the current season, the Football Association introduced a new discipline policy for adult football and you are invited to provide feedback on the aspect which concerns a suspension for alleged misconduct after being sent off or after the game.

Under this new policy, if the charge is accepted or proved by a Commission, any suspension imposed is from all football and is not restricted to football played on the day in question. However, a red card shown during the game for a ‘standard’ sending off offence will result in a suspension which is restricted to football played on the day in question.

The reasons given for this change in policy are:

1. To deter a player from committing a further offence after being sent off and to respect the referees decision
2. To provide for a more serious punishment if the offence warrants it - such as an assault

Are you in agreement with this aspect of the policy?

Your feedback is important. Please cast a vote and feel free to post your feedback.

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Non-League Poster
Non-League Poster

PostSubject: Re: FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions   Sun 04 Mar 2012, 4:38 pm

Should be banned from all football as some players already treat Sunday morning football as a let's kick the poo out of the opposition
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Top Dog
Top Dog

PostSubject: Re: FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions   Sun 04 Mar 2012, 5:19 pm

I dont think its right, from personal experience, one of our players got a 5 match additional suspension and due to us having weeks off and christmas etc, he missed about 6 or 7 Saturday games as well. In addition to this, when our first team had the week off, we asked if he could play for the ressies, we were told no, so we asked if this meant that it counted towards his suspension and it didnt.
I would say that if you are doing match based, then do it to cover Saturday and Sundays, but, include the caveat that they must have played 75% of the games for their Saturday team (which stops players signing on Saturdays to reduce suspensions).
Our player stomped off with the arse and didnt give his name, and as a result, he missed about 12 additional games including Fri and Sat...crazy amounts really considering Wayne Rooney can tell a ref to 'fu@k off' and not even get a booking!!

Also, whilst on a moan, i think the video evidence thing is rubbish as well, unable to appeal a red card unless you have video evidence! We have had a sending off this season that even County FA said shouldnt have been a sending off based upon the refs report, but because we had no video evidence, nothing could be done!! Stupid rule...oh, and take a video camera down a park, and you probably have to get permission in case their are kids walking around...its a ridiculous rule in my opinion
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PostSubject: Re: FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions   

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FA Disciplinary Policy - Match Based Suspensions
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